Our Approach

Who we are

We are a support group founded on the need to help those in the transgender community through the struggles that may arise from transition.

Our group consists of members of the transgender spectrum. With allies, brothers and sisters, we help one another find ways to deal with a society that is learning to grow.


With growing support from our own government there is still backlash that attempts to undermine the equality that we strive for. It is in these moments that we pull together and show our own love, educate ourselves and others, and press forward in this civil rights movement.

Our Story

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Why we are here to help

With suicide rates significantly higher than any group in the United States, transgender people potentially face discrimination in society, children facing it in schools and higher rates of violence towards transgender people and especially our transgender sisters of color.

We welcome all who need that ear to listen, that shoulder to lean on, that hug to embrace who you are. We see you, you are valid, you are loved, we are here for you if you need us.